No, we're not dead.
At this point in time, we have our build teams, well, building?. School is beginning to start back up for most of us, so everything has been slowing down. We hope to have the server publicly available by September. Contact Us on Twitter or Discord for information or early access.

Sorry. I only wrote this in 5 minutes to provide some kind of signs of life.

We have found a decent backup!
Except it doesn't have a world. >:C
We are in the process of restoring the server to be playable. In the meantime, join our NEW Discord Server!
We also integrated Discord with our site! If you link your accounts together, you will recieve 5 Crate Keys in-game! More updates coming...

On Saturday, the 4th of June at approximately 8:25PM PST, we were notified that our servers were being attacked by an unknown individual that we still do not know of. After the attack, s/he gained access to all of our files and we lost everything pretty much everything. All the way up to today, we also lost very expensive builds and server data that had a net worth that comes around to about $1,000 dollars worth of data. Backups we also destroyed as we had just setup the new backup system. As of know, there is nothing we can do other than to rebuild. If you have any information on whom may have caused this issue or want to know more, you can join our Discord Server using this link: or you can check back here for more updates.

UPDATE: We purchased another server with better security to benefit us. We are also taking suggestions on anything we should focus on or add in the coming days. More information can be found on our discord.